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Sunday, July 17, 2011

pop quiz, hot shot

What kind of person keeps two strollers, five car seats and a portable crib almost 10 years after last giving birth? Is it:

(A) someone incredibly lazy with a tendency to think 'out of sight, out of mind'?

(B) someone so afraid of being murdered by a craigslist respondent that it took days of gentle prodding by her visiting sister for her to get her act together so said visiting sister could post said items up in hopes of making a few easy bucks because seriously, how much could a used car seat really net?

(C) someone whose desire for a third (a fourth, really, if truth be told) baby bloomed almost instantly upon last giving birth nearly 10 years ago and has never once waned, who physically aches for another baby and who, though she's (finally)(no murder! no murder!) posted said items for sale and has perhaps resigned herself to a marriage that can't even be adequately described of late (where 'late' means 'three years'), is not at all willingly able to give up the ghost because that someone has had a tendency to get her hopes up when words like "Maybe," and "It's not that I don't necessarily want that, too..." were said because sometimes people just can't come out and say "No," but ha ha ha, guess what, sucker, it ain't gonna happen, in which case, oh boy, you should see how many Rubbermaid totes filled with infant and toddler clothes are filling someone's basement and talk about the room that will free up when someone tosses those out in a fit of sadness. See also:

(D) someone who quickly gushed her best wishes when her best friend informed her three years ago that she was expecting her third child, then pretended there was something in her eye when she had to quickly excuse herself to go cry in the questionable stall of the school bathroom she escaped to (and you'll do it again a couple years later, someone, when said best friend shares the exciting news about baby number four...)

When in doubt, always go with C. And also D.

Someone sometimes feels so damn pathetic...