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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

'oh your reputation is so golden. you're never lonely and you're never home.'

So, for the sake of discussion, let's say you recently learned that your spouse, who travels for his or her job and is away from home two to three nights a week, was, on occasion, catching up with an old friend of the opposite sex while they were away. Would you:

(a) Be fine with it.
(b) I mean really fine.
(c) Like, seriously, it's good. It's fine. What's the big deal?

OK then, for the sake of further discussion, what if this person of the opposite sex was someone your spouse harbored a longstanding crush on that eventually, oh, ha ha ha ha, led to them dating for a time more than two decades ago. Would you:

(a) Still be fine with it.
(b) I mean really fine.
(c) Like, seriously, it's good. It was 25 years ago. Is that a molehill I see?

OK, but what if you found out about these meetings not because your spouse told you about them, but rather because you had to use their computer for a bit because yours crashed and your child, the one you had with your spouse, had a major homework assignment due the next day, and, hours later, when the two of you had finally finished, you went to log onto your Facebook account to lament how you wasted an entire night researching post-Communist Poland, but discovered your spouse's Facebook account was logged in so, rather than logging off without a thought, you went into his messages and, sure, you felt bad about doing it, your seriously did, but you're married to someone who doesn't even curse let alone robs banks, so what could they possibly have to hide, and you see a message from said longtime acquaintance so you click on it and then - THEN! - you discover your hard working, gone two to three nights a week spouse has been carrying on not just a flirty but a super flirty conversation string with this longtime acquaintance and the more you read, the angrier you become and, as you look at the dates you wonder, "Hey, how long has my marriage been less than stellar? Three years? Well, look at that..." Would you:

(A) Still be fine with it. Honestly?
(B) Lose your shit and/or mind.
(C) Write a super passive aggressive post about it.

Can you guess my answer?