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Monday, December 31, 2012

hey! bet you haven't read enough posts about new year's resolutions yet, have you?

Pictured above are my 2012 resolutions. Eight less-than-lofty plans I had 365 days to knock out. Not pictured are the additional 11 goals I planned to conquer over the course of this nearly complete year. There's just over six hours left of the years, so I suppose I should get moving on these, huh?

You'll note I put 'complete the Harry Potter series' at the top of the list (psst - I work at a bookstore and have never finished this series because oh, Book 4, yawn...)(NO spoilers!)(as if I don't already know). This list, thankfully, was by no means written in order of importance, but might indicate why I perhaps also failed at resolution 9, which was 'forge/strengthen friendships.' Maybe I should have resolved to form a Harry Potter book club and killed two birds with one stone.

(But wait! Read a minimum of 40 books. I read 41!! What's that? Harry Potter included? Oh...)

Other things I failed to achieve in 2012 include baking my own bread (so it's weird I didn't lose ::cough cough:: pounds...), getting a trainer (or perhaps it's not so weird after all), stressing less over my oldest son's homework, working on the boys' baby books, and starting yoga.

I also failed to get more and better s...leep (almost tricked ya, didn't I?) and tracking both my eating and my spending. I am so sucky at goals!

But wait! Resolution #6 says 'spend less time negative talking about myself' so I shan't! Shan't, I say! Mostly because I don't say 'shan't' enough, but mostly because at this particular moment, with the year ticking away, I'm proclaiming a small victory.


Victory, you amazing bread buying, high strung, poor sleeping, Harry Potter Books 4-7 needing to read, broke ass mess of me!

Quick sidebar, though. This year sucked. I would like to leave it all behind, but some of the sucky things just came up last week and will carry over into 2013, so I am resolving to deal with them.

AND those damn Harry Potter books.

I hope you don't have sucky things marching into the new year with you, but if so, trust I will learn to bake bread and when I do, we can break it together and talk about things. Because we're friends.

Now, let's call it a year, shall we?


Thursday, December 13, 2012

some days you just have to...

  • Give in to the ugly cry.
  • Accept the fact that today, no, you won't be the bigger person.
  • Marvel at the length of the chin hair that seems to appear from nowhere
  • Marvel again at how that mofo resisted the hot wax meant to destroy it and instead destroyed your epidermis.
  • Eat the ice cream straight out of the carton. Damn right. With chocolate syrup squirted on each bite.
  • Use the word 'squirted.'
  • Squirted. Squirted, squirted, squirted, squirted. SQUIRTED!
  • Punch in the nads the second  person who says, "Oh, is somebody on their period?" because they were foolish enough not to see the example laid out by the first person who said that to you.
  • No, btw. That is not this day.
  • Roll the car windows down and go full rock opera when you flip through stations and find yourself in the middle of Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh mamma mia, mamma mia!
  • Wonder what Adam Levine might be like in bed. 
  • My guess? Squirrely. Squirrely, yet gentle. Also scrappy.
  • Acquire a gay boyfriend.
  • Just admit the chocolate chip cookies you've been baking under the guise of afternoon snacks for your kids will end up buried in the freezer as your little secret.
  • Be gleeful when Bohemian Rhapsody is followed by You're The One That I Want.
  • Proclaim 'smooches gracias' your new catchphrase and run it into the ground.
  • (Thanks, gay boyfriend)
  •  Stay up too late (extra shot!) reading your old posts and sighing over how, even when you called it in, it was better then this.
  • Wonder why you're still doing this.
  • Wonder why you're still doing a lot of things.
  • Guzzle three Starbucks white chocolate mochas in one day. Three! One day! Oomp em grande style!

...and that, pals, is pretty much what my days have been since last I posted. I have no good reason not to have blown the dust off here other than I simply don't know what to say. The days have been either boring, routine or bad, so I haven't written about them. Hope you've been well. I do. Thanks for thinking of me.

Or should I say smooches gracias...